I just got back from Las Vegas for EXP Con 2019 and let me tell you, it was one of the greatest experiences in the real estate industry in many years. The room was buzzing, people were smiling, agents and brokers were sharing their best in industry tips. Wow, it’s like everyone in the place was driven to make real estate fun again.

As a seasoned veteran, I’ve been active in the real estate brokerage business for over 40 years now, YIKES that hurts to say but it feels good to still be in the game. The thing is, the game is changing and I am looking forward to being part of the next movement in this exciting and ever-changing real estate brokerage business.

After much research and diving in deep to find options for my traditional brokerage operation, I discovered that it’s extremely difficult to compete with the latest entries into the business. The new brokerages are very well funded and are promising that world to agents, and many times offering them things that would challenge any of the traditional brokerage’s sustainability. It’s getting more and more difficult for us long-time brokers to do business in today’s marketplace like we used to.

EXP is a great solution for so many reasons, and I am on a mission to help as many of my friends as possible to explore the model and see if it’s a good fit for them. Hey, it’s not going to be for everyone, but for those who are going to embrace it and take advantage of the programs, it can be a real life-changer, and that’s what I would like to be known for in the future. I want to be the guy who has helped my friends to have fun in real estate again, and in the meantime find their way to more time and more money.

I believe that success is possible and sustainable with EXP and I would love the opportunity to show you why after 40 years I believe that this is the true success model for the future.

I know that some of you may be skeptical right now, and that’s ok. My only wish is that I can get my friends to open their ears and minds right now for just a few minutes so that the opportunity may be able to resonate with them. You see, the timing couldn’t be better. When EXP enters a new marketplace, it’s typically the first few groups of agents/brokers to join benefit from the momentum of something new and exciting. I want to assemble a great group of friends to be by my side on this journey.

I’m looking for a few great partners to work hand in hand with me to develop the BROOKLYN and NYC marketplaces for EXP.

Curious? Interested in at least hearing more?
Drop me a line, or let’s have lunch to discuss this amazing opportunity further.

Of course, we can have a confidential conversation. Even if this model is not for you, that’s just fine with me, because it’s still a good use of your time to get to know and understand what the EXP model is all about. Many of your friends and fellow agents will be joining the movement and it benefits you to be able to talk about it intelligently.

Let’s get together and understand the model better to see if it can help change your life, or perhaps the lives of some of our good friends in the industry.