So, we had our first lunch and learn on Wed. October 16th at Jameson’s Pub in Rockaway, NY. The event was truly rewarding for all who attended. I was psyched to finally get the banners, signs and presentation all set up and ready for launch. This first one was with friends only and it is giving us the practice for a public event to be announced in the future; when we expect to grow the group to over 20 attendees.

Despite the restaurant not being aware of our meeting, we pulled it off and most everyone stayed for a great lunch. At first, the owner was getting a beer delivery and the noise of dropping off hundreds of cases of beer and picking up the empties was so overwhelming that you couldn’t hear yourselves speak. When the owner found out what was going on, he stopped the delivery and we were able to get underway just a few minutes late. We were waiting for some last minute guests to show up anyway.

There was also a table of children in the room that made the noise less than favorable. We were told that we would have the entire room by the bartender the day before, but the owner couldn’t make it happen as he was unaware.

The food was off the hook and everyone seemed to enjoy the free appetizers of cheese-stuffed sausages and humongous tater tots drizzled with sauce.