I’m excited to write to you about the NEXT PLAY in my career. The Next Play is with HomeTeamNY and I welcome you to join me on the new journey.
Today, I’m starting a new YouTube Channel that will tell the story of my first 40 years in the real estate brokerage industry. Things have certainly changed over time, but some of the lessons learned years ago can be applied to today’s practitioners to further enhance their success and take advantage of old school habits when combined with new world tools.

My story will explain how the industry was back in the 1960’s and compare it to today’s world. In many ways, the real estate industry is a lot better off, but there are some very important lessons to be learned about the history of real estate brokerage operations that can help us to excel today.

Come along and join me on this new venture; or is it better called an adventure? I’m excited to share and open the dialogue on this new venue (New venue for me – just an old school guy using new world tools).

“It’s Not My Father’s Real Estate,” is the working title for a book that I’ve been working on, and I’m really excited to be sharing the story not in the old school print way, but right here on my YouTube channel.

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