Join us for an exciting day at Vision 2020 Brooklyn’s Real Estate Expo

Hear from the country’s top social media experts as they discuss how agents are using new tools to capture more business.  This hands on workshop will be sure to leave you with some valuable tips that you can start using immediately.  Start 2020 off Strong and take advantage of the NEW TOOLS that agents have proven to be successful in their real estate businesses.

Then you can join us in a discussion about The Future of Real Estate where John Reinhardt will head up a discussion that explores the various business models that agents can choose today.  There will be a conversation about what traditional brokers around the country are doing to better compete today.  You’ll learn valuable information that will make sure that your brokerage is armed with the right tools to empower their agents to maximize production opportunities.

Join us for a special luncheon where the discussion will continue as audience members will be invited to share what their best practices and plans are for 2020 and the next decade.

After lunch, a special presentation about Brooklyn’s Newest Brokerage Model, EXP EXPLAINED will be discussed by some of the company’s leading agent teams and organizations.
Whether you are thinking of a transition or not, it would certainly benefit you and your organization to better know and understand what all the buzz is about this new way of running a real estate business.

You’ll learn what they are doing to attract agents and brokerages, and better understand what you can take away and implement in your own brokerage business immediately.

Please join us as this is a very special opportunity to look under the hood of a proven successful model that is sweeping the nation.  It doesn’t hurt to learn.

Whatever you’re looking to do in 2020, it makes sense to come by on January 29th and be part of the dialogue.

Hey, knowledge is power.
Start 2020 strong, and get inspired so that you too can be a part of The Future of Real Estate.