Seasoned Agents | Play More

Your Time to Enjoy More

You’ve been in the real estate business for many years now, and it really stinks to see that there are few choices when you want to plan for your future.

Many agents retire, and their income stops immediately after they stop selling.
Find out how we can help you to benefit from your hard years of work and sit back and relax a little more!

Work Smarter | Earn More

If you’re a real estate broker and have your own office, let us show you how so many have made the move toward a more rewarding life and successful future.
We’ll show you proven examples of people who have cut their expenses dramatically while helping themselves and their teams to exponentially grow their incomes.
It’s a win-win situation.

The Good Life! | Live More!

Let’s Live The Good Life together. 

I’m ready to take a deep breath and start having some fun in real estate again. 
The expenses of running an office/team and trying to keep up with the technology, marketing and systems is not easy.
With HomeTeamNY it is EASY.
We have a proven path that lets us take care of the hassles and allows you to enjoy more of the Good Life!

Independent to Independence

Check out Kyle Handy’s story, where he traded in his independent brokerage for the opportunity to join something bigger, much bigger!  In fact, Kyle’s results are MUCH BIGGER too.  He’s grown from 15 to 150 Agents!

Are You Open to Learning More?

 That's great!  Whatever stage you are at in your career, it's always valuable to learn and understand the different models that are available today.
Our goal is to explain the benefits of our model and to discover together if it's a right fit.  Even if it's not a perfect fit at this time, it's still important to see what's going on in the industry as it could help you to improve whatever path you choose.  Pick an option that works best for you!