Exp Mentor Program | Great for NEW AGENTS or RAMPING UP!

If you’re a new agent to real estate, you definitely want to work with a mentor.  Your mentor will work hand in hand with you, giving you direction and holding you accountable so that you can kick-off your new career with EXP Realty BKNY fast and strong.

You’ll start off your first few transactions with your own personal coach.
Your first four transactions will be at 60% split, and then you will go up to the 80% or 100% if you’ve capped at $16,000 already.  (Which will most likely be the case in our marketplace.  There is also an option for 70% split for the first 5 transactions is you feel you need the extra help.  It’s up to you to discuss this with your mentor.

As an alternative to the mentor program, you may choose to work with a team that would offer you support and guidance.  The split with your team will vary depending on a few variable factors.